Almost Ramen – The Origins

Naruto Almost has Ramen

Welcome one and all to the grand unveiling of Almost Ramen. Now you may be finding yourself, reading to yourself, thinking to yourself, “almost ramen huh, but why, and what. Soliloquies are pretty dope. Persona 5 is gonna be so awesome. I wonder if virtual reality is actually living up to the hype. More importantly, do I have any ramen?”.

Well words alone can’t express what, and certainly why Almost Ramen came to be, at least not yet. For that reason, the comic “Almost Ramen – The Origins” was created. This folks, documents the live occurrences that led up to where we are now. Read at your own discretion.

Almost Ramen – The Origins

The real live events that led to Almost Ramen's very existence.

Yes, indeed, at it’s core Almost Ramen, actually has a solid, logical-based reason for existence. It all started seven years ago, back when I, kamisan, was known as kamikun. I had just gone grocery shopping and attained the holy grail of ramen goodness. Was about to indulge in the mighty fine deliciousness, when I dropped the container, and accidentally stepped on it, four to five times repeatedly. At that given moment in time, I almost had ramen. And so on that legitimate August day, specifically the sixth, I swore to bring ramen to all, though in a more perfect, completely different form.

Almost Ramen, is the cultural, emotional deliciousness all have come to expect from ramen, leveled up to a 100% perfect almost form. That is, we’re not talking actual oshii noodles, we’re talking everything ramen could have potentially aspired to be. And so Almost Ramen is exactly that – Japanese Culture, Geek Approved, Twitch Streams, Gaming Deliciousness.

And so once and for all, welcome my friends to Almost Ramen, the best hot spot for the most delicious gaming, anime, twitch news and updates.

Never Actually Ramen,

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