AlmostRamen is Taking a Brief Hiatus / Dope and Nerdy Bloggers Welcomed

Almost Ramen is Going on Hiatus, Wanna Be Part of The Ramen Movement?

Hello Everyone, here at Almost Ramen it’s been our goal to deliver you extremely fresh gamer news and anime recommendations in a very tasteful, comedic tone. Up until this very point, the task has been handled single-handedly by none other than yours truly – Kamisan.

Unfortunately as Kamisan’s day job never took any consideration of his online ramen serving gig, life became very hectic as responsibilities clashed against ramen soaked desires, and somewhere underneath all the madness, non-work life was left to suffocate. Well the time has come, after plenty of consideration, I’ve concluded that Almost Ramen isn’t something that can be controlled and maintained by one individual. And so I’ve decided to embark on a journey to find other individuals bearing the sign of Ramen / Writers.

During this short journey, Almost Ramen is going on hiatus, but worry not, as long as the succulent broth of geek culture continues to be slurped, Almost Ramen will return!

If you’re interested in joining the team, and think you have what it takes to cook up/write the most delicious gamer/anime posts, then let Kamisan know below.
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Until we meet again,

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