Anime-Time Action Bliss! – Soul Eater

Soul Eater Anime Characters Introduction Impression and Trailer

Soul Eater is a stylish Halloweenish anime chock full of scythe-swinging action, hysterical comedy, dope originality, and just a sweet sprinkling of madness. If you’ve yet to watch Soul Eater, and proclaim yourself an action anime lover, then to you sir I blatantly say, “Your love is fake, hella fake”. Soul Eater is one of the best action animes ever created. It’s fresh characters, dark ambiance, alluring plot, and bumping soundtrack all come together to create a monster so fulfilling in nature, that your very soul will cower not with fear, but with astonishment. Okay you’re ready, time to take the soul train to Death City.


The night is young, and in the sky, above the clouds a creepy yellow crescent moon chuckles, with blood-like saliva dripping from it’s mouth. As a lady walks through a lightly illuminated alley, a clawed murderer sneaks up behind her and steals her soul. Just as the dastardly being finishes slurping up his victim’s blue soul orb, his hunger intensifies, and he immediately proceeds to his next victim. Right before he attacks yet again he is stopped by Soul and Maka, a weapon meister and her weapon.

“Jack the Ripper, we’ve come to take your corrupt soul”. Soul grins, turns to his partner, and transforms into her scythe. Just then the murderer jumps into the air, and the first of many demon fights begins.

Located in Death City, Nevada, the Death Weapon Meister Academy (Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakkō) trains weapon meisters and weapons to become master meisters and death scythes. The weapon meister and weapon usually form a two person team, and work together to stop evil. The meister’s job to wield their weapon partner and fight, the weapons job to fight and eat the corrupt souls. In order to gain fame, prestige, power, and graduate, teams work together to gather exactly 99 evil souls and 1 witch soul. Once all souls are obtained the weapon is able to level up and work for the principal, Death, as a death scythe, and the meister becomes highly renown and respected all around the world.

And so the premise is set for our main characters. Soul & Maka are a cool pair that work together as the fresh scythe wielding team. Black Star is the funny as hell, arrogant ninja and Tsubaki his multi-weapon ninja ally, are the ninja blade team. Lastly Death the Kid, along with Patti and Liz, form the dual wielding pistol team. Welcome to the action-packed world of SOUL EATER.


Kami’s Impression

Soul Eater is such a brilliantly good anime. The show creatively warps together fantasy and reality, and creates such amazing character adaptations that you can’t help but laugh in utter amazement, or just laugh. For instance Exacaliber is a small white creature, that pairs with only the most worthy of partners. This however translates to any partner who’s able to perpetually endure his impossibly annoying nature. Al Capone, Jack the Ripper, Guillotine, Ox Ford, and Professor Stein, are just a few other examples of the creative genius at work.

All this without saying much about the main contender, the action. The fights are like the chocolate cookie crumble at the bottom of the ice cream cake, like pizza and never the crust, like the ramen in Almost Ramen. Battles begin with the beat dropping and setting the scene, characters face each other, weapons swiftly transform, and sparks fly as bodies clash. So intense and entertaining, every passing moment has bumping beats, sheer power, techinques, and killer moves. If you like action this should all sound pretty damn appetizing. What’s that, your soul’s starving for epic action goodness, then it’s time to indulge in some SOUL EATER.

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