Anime-Time Freedom Edition – One Piece

One Piece Luffy Introduction and Impression

Happy Fourth of July Minasan! As celebration for such a golly occasion, this AnimeTime we’re talking about a show that is the very epitome of freedom and independence. The legendary show known as One Piece. On the off chance that you’re unfamiliar with One Piece, it’s a show packed with wonderful adventures, heart-felt stories, lovable characters, and laugh out loud, amazing action.

Having began in 1997, One Piece is one of longest running animes ever, with 749 24 minute episodes, and 13 movies, it’s still going strong. And so with no time to lose folks, let’s embrace every bit of our independence, and sail out to the open sea, where freedom reigns supreme.


Once Monkey D. Luffy finally turns 18, he decides to leave his village, and sail out to the open sea. His ambition, to become pirate king, and find all of Gold D. Roger’s (previous pirate king) hidden treasure, all left in one place, and as such known as One Piece. The only caveat though is Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu devil fruit, which in exchange for making him a Rubber Human, makes him susceptible to extreme drowsiness with any interaction of sea water.

Yousan:“Rubber Human? What’s so good about a rubber human?”

Well Yousan, endowed with the power of rubber, Luffy is able to stretch his body in all directions, reflect incoming bullets and cannonballs, take less physical damage, and be a boss, all at the same time. And the great thing about One Piece is that all abilities have potential, so long as the user has the strength to make it shine. As Luffy’s one of the most heroic protagonists ever, you better believe he makes his rubber ability shine brighter than the brightest of pirate booty.

And so begins Luffy’s adventures as he travels the open seas recruiting swordsmen, thieves, chiefs, and liars alike. Hindered by lawless devil fruit powered pirates and villans, as well as the unyielding force of ‘justice’, will Luffy succeed in becoming pirate king?


Fan-made trailer shows what One Piece is all about. Pretty dope, courtesy of ShaMan

Kami’s Impression

One Piece is a fun, silly anime that really speaks volumes to our inner emotions. The characters never truly evoke depth, but rather easily make us love their personalities, and actions. Emotional scenarios are expertly incorporated into the plot, and handled so phenomenally well you’ll find yourself with all types of feels. Combine such raw emotion with epic fighting scenes, and the show is transformed into a fantastic euphoric experience. One Piece is a show you need to open yourselves up to, quiet down ye doubt, impatience, and cynicism, or you may not experience all One Piece has to offer.

Once you truly open your heart to the loving nature present in every bit of the show, and wholly embrace the silliness, then you’ll inevitably find yourself smiling from cheek to cheek. I honestly can’t say enough about the anime, with it’s ridiculous episode count, so I’ll conclude with this, One Piece is a treasure unlike any other, a golden piece of happiness, if not for me then watch for Luffy.

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