Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 – Copen VS Desna, The Starstruck Beauty Bossfight Footage

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Copen VS Desna Bossfight Gameplay

Just the other day Inti Creates released gameplay footage of Azure Striker Gunvolt fighting the boss Teseo, the Serial Experiment. Well today, the awesome game devs have spoiled us again, as we’ve finally been gifted with footage of Copen in action. Watch as Copen fights his way to the sinister hair wielding boss, Desna, and potentially gets the ‘W’. I’m getting pretty hyped for the game at this point, with the ability to play as both Gunvolt and Copen, things are looking great.

If you want some background on Desna, keep reading, otherwise scroll your way to the video below. According to Inti Creates, Desna is, “an adept who possesses the “Splitting Ends” septima which allows her to control a seemingly limitless supply of phantasmagorical hair. A rather enigmatic girl, she loves astrology and joined up with Eden under the pretense of being an oracle of the stars. She has incredibly high level accuracy with her fortune telling, so much so that many members of Eden revere her like an idol, oftentimes going so far so to refer to her as a goddess. She does not look at herself in this manner at all, though.” Checkout Desna’s human and powered up forms below.

Desna The Starstruck Beauty Pics

Copen VS Desna – Stage & Bossfight Footage

Bossfight begins at 7:52

Copen looks pretty damn dope, if I do say so myself. My sole wish is that Inti Creates hooks up at least one of the two playable characters with a fresh zero-inspired blade. That’s not too much for a fan to ask, right? Well regardless of the outcome, doesn’t change my mega love. What do you think of Copen, his Diva, and the blonde beauty Desna. Let us know in the comments below.

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