Check out Darkrai killing it darkly in New Pokken Tournament Gameplay Footage

Pokken Tournament Darkrai Gameplay Footage

After much hype, last week the Pokken Tournament Team had finally announced the new mystery Pokken character as none other than the agent of darkness Darkrai. Today we have gameplay footage showing off Darkrai being phantom fresh against Sceptile, Suicine and Dark Mewtwo. As can be seen, the being of darkness is able to create areas in which arms reach out from the void and inflict damage, make blurry illusions, and break through the thin glass of Pokken reality. It’s special move assimilates the power of fear and darkness, wraps around the opponent, and mercilessly crushes them. The only thing the heart of darkness is missing is a mega evolution, though it’s not all too necessary. Check out the gameplay below.

Pokken Tournament Darkrai Gameplay Footage

Darkrai has crept out from our wildest nightmares, and has infested the arcarde version of Pokken Tournament. We’ve yet to receive any word as to when/if it’ll appear on the Wii U version, though stay tuned. Is Darkrai cool enough to be one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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