Dragon Ball: Fusions Reveals Maxi-Fusions – 5 Person Fusions + Gameplay Trailer + Scans!

Dragon Ball: Fusions Cell Fused With Freiza Spirit Death Bomb

Bandaaaai Namco has released two fresh Dragon Ball: Fusions trailers, both depicting the sheer awesomeness the game brings to our fusion-less lives. Along with both trailers, we’ve also been granted two scans showing off Maxi-fusions, a new dope, sinster boss-like enemy, and a freiza-esque spaceship that serves as your team’s headquaters. And Folks those are just the scans!

The first trailer gives us a glimpse of what seems to be the DBZ universe. Players are able to fly through the sky, and run through the grass. It also shows off some more fusions, and the way characters are easily selected from the touch screen, and magically combined on the top screen.

The second trailer finally goes over the gameplay. As many of you already knew, the game is an RPG, and as such has your team battling the enemy on a turn by turn basis. Teams seem to be made up of 5 characters at most, and as is common in RPGs there are different classes each character belongs to. The trailer wraps it up by showing off Maxi-fusions, which are 5 person fusions! Check out the two scans, along with the two trailers below.

Dragon Ball: Fusions Maxi-Fusion + More Scans

Dragon Ball: Fusions Open World Trailer

Dragon Ball: Fusions RPG Gameplay Trailer

Honestly my awesome readers, I ask, cause I’m not sure, who the hell would have thought? After Dragon Ball Budokai 3, and DBGT, I cried myself to sleep, utterly devastated over the fact that Goku and the gang had met their end. All good things come to an end, right?

WRONG! Fast forward a couple years, Dragon Ball Kai is released, apparent feedback is generated, and a new DBZ future is written. That’s life, sometimes happiness just smacks you straight up in the face, we just gotta appreciate it together.

As always express your hype in the comments below. Dragon Ball: Fusions is due for Japanese release August 4th. No word yet on when the game will come to the west, though stay tuned!

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