Fans Uncensor Western Version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Uncensored Baby!

As you may be aware, the western version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE has unfortunately been censored. An example of such is the characters’ swimsuits being replaced by less revealing outfits. Well fans Sakitoshi, Sn0wCrack, Shudouken, (S)aber and Werin decided they weren’t gonna standby and let their waifus, AND haibus, be censored, enough was enough. And so the team came together to put an end to the injustice. The operation, otherwise known as “WPDJ” (“We’re Pretty Damn Jealous”)*, would attempt to fully uncensor Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, and give westerners a chance to enjoy the original Japanese uncensored version. If you don’t agree that this is divine work, then I’m awfully sorry, but we can’t be friends.

The team has already released a 0.91 patch that uncensors quite a bit, check out the quick list below:

  • Reverted costumes back to Bikini’s, also changing the menu icons back and their original names and descriptions.
  • Completely redid Chapter 2 and a few other small files to return references to Gravure Modelling, this also uses the original voice files.
  • Fixed any map changes relating to pictures in dungeons that were changed.
  • Swapped the English files out for Japanese versions for retranslated files.
  • Healing points no longer come in envelopes.
  • Changed Profiles to reflect the character’s real ages and change back references to Gravure Modeling.
  • Reverted any censored prerendered Cutscene files.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Original Pics

Goddamn these people are talented! For the exact how-to instructions, check out the following link, which details precisely what you need to do to achieve less “WPDJ” status, and more “WWPJ” status. If you’re still on the fence about getting Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, then get off the fence, and go get the game. We’re talking persona AND fire emblem goodness, “what can possibly go wrong”. No seriously though, I love this shit. If you’re off the fence, and still unsure, then check out the trailer below

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Trailer

Beautiful. Any chance you’re not feeling the vibe? That’s okay, you’re still loved. What do you think of the 0.91 patch, let your uncensored voice be heard in the comments below.

WPDJ* – Strictly by Kamisan

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