Iskandar / Alexander the Great Joins Fate/Extella The Umbral Star

Fate/Extella Iskandar AKA Alexander the Great 01

Marvelous has announced that the legendary Macedonian King of Conquestors Iskandar, otherwise known as Alexander the Great, will also be a playable character in Fate/Extella The Umbral Star. Iskandar is of the rider servant class, and rides his noble phantasm, the Gordius Wheel – a colossal chariot pulled by Zeus’ very own divine bulls. Check out his announcement trailer, along with his fresh gameplay pics below.

Along with Marvelous’ marvelous announcement, comes news of Japanese retailer purchase perks. So if you live in Japan, or love the unattainable, go ahead and check out the awesome alternate costumes available from each corresponding retailer.

Fate/Extella The Umbral Star Iskandar Pics

Fate/Extella Iskandar Announcement Trailer

Iskandar King With Karaage-kun T-shirt

Fate/Extella Iskandar Alexander the Great Costume

Definitely worth the purchase. If interested purchase from Loppi/HMV.

Nero Claudius Multiple-Wear / Gym Wear

Fate/Extella Nero Claudius Geo Costume

Definitely warrants yet another purchase. If interested purchase from Geo.

Tamamo no Mae Maid Tail Strike

Fate/Extella Tamamo no Mae Tail Maid Strike Game Tsutaya Costume

Third purchase is the charm, am I right? If interested purchase from Game TSUTAYA & Imagine.

Attila Sweet Devil

Fate/Extella Attila Sweet Devil Amazon Costume

You’re definitely gonna need a fourth copy of the game laying around, ya know just in case something happens to the other 3 games. If interested purchase from Amazon Japan.

Who else is gonna have 4 copies of the same game? Unfortunately these offers probably won’t make it to the US, though who knows maybe the same team that uncensored Tokyo Mirage Sessions, will work their magic again. Though probably not, sad face.

Fate/EXTELLA is coming out for PS4 and PS Vita, in Japan November 10th. It’s western release is due this coming winter. Waste time till then by very carefully composing a 100% perfect comment in the comments below. The task may take some time, but you mustn’t rush perfection.

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