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Durarara Dollars is kind of like our chat community., in that we're awesome. Our own ramen message board

Almost Rameners Unite, the message board of destiny is live. Here you’re free, and encouraged, to talk and relax in the comfort of other Almost Rameners. Did you happen to have an amazing experience playing Megaman Battle Network 3 for the eighth time? Or maybe you watched a spectacular anime or movie? Or perhaps, you’re so bored that you’re ready and willing to stare absently at your cat for the better part of the evening. Well my friends, whatever the case, expression reigns supreme here, so pop a squat and chat it up.

In order to keep the message board objectively dopeful, Almost Ramen expects you embrace several simple rules:

0. Love Ramen, Don’t Hate Ramen.

1. Chat with each other to your heart’s content, First Amendment all the way nakama. All we ask is to love each other enough to abstain from being jerks, or overly condensing bastards. Social links are established when individuals care enough about others not to go out of their way to insult or hurt.

2. Don’t spam.

3. Don’t link to piracy or pornographic material

4. Be open-minded – the true beauty of ramen is that there’s various flavors, so everyone enjoys, same thing for people. Individual perspectives exist and that’s awesome and more than welcomed. Although your beliefs may conflict with another’s, appropriate forethought and politeness is super effective against drama, and truly makes all the difference.

5. No one likes waiting too long for food, for that reason although you’re free to post images, please abstain from posting GIFs. We must take special precautions to prevent the collective miasma known as the “Damn GIF Effect” from occurring. Heavens forbid, if ever such a catastrophe takes form, Almost Ramen would undoubtedly devolve into Still Loading Ramen, and we’ll be utterly doomed for (what feels like) forever more.

6. Express, enjoy, and relax

7. Please understand that the above rules are our foundation for pleasant chatting, and will be enforced in order to guarantee an awesome community, and enjoyable experiences. Any comment that does not follow the rules, may be subject to removal after review. Any decision for removal should not be lampooned, and will result in immediate ban, as an appropriate assessment was made, and therefore grounded entirely in reason.

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