New One Piece Film: Gold Villain Gildo Tesoro Joins One Piece Burning Blood

One Piece Burning Blood Gold DLC Gildo Tesoro

Just the other day three new DLC characters were announced for One Piece Burning Blood. Well hold on to your straw hats, cause today Bandai has announced that even more DLC goodness is coming. This time around it’s the main antagonist of the new OP Film: Gold, Gildo Tesoro. Along with the golden being’s majestic appearance, OP Film: Gold DLC costumes for Nami, Luffy, and Robin will also be available.

For whatever the reason, Gildo Tesoro kind of reminds me of the golden version of Crocodile. Though Gildo’s gold power seems to be more physical/solid in nature, whereas Croodile’s sand is more particle based. Check out the DLC pics below, and if you’ve yet to see the One Piece Film: Gold trailer, check that out too.

One Piece Burning Blood Gold DLC

OP Film: Gold Trailer

Courtesy of Tra-guy.

One Piece’s Las Vegas looks dope as hell. What do you think about the DLC and upcoming film. Let your golden opinions shine in the comments below.

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