Three New Visually Stunning PSVR Trailers Released For Our Viewing Pleasure

New PSVR Playstation VR Trailers Show Virtual Reality Off to the World

During the Playstation VR / PSVR Asia press conference held by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Hong Kong, Sony unveiled 3 new stunningly fresh VR promotional trailers. The trailers demonstrate PSVR’s phenomenal potential, and are sure to excite even the saltest of critics. With Asia beginning to embrace a greater VR marketing presence, it wouldn’t be too crazy to assume that it won’t be long before Europe and the US get a share of VR promotional succulence.

If you like awesome things, or like happiness intertwined with threads of visual hype / hope, than go ahead and check out the three dope PSVR trailers below. If not, then go reevaluate your perspective while slurping down some actual ramen.

Playstation VR / PSVR New Trailers

Soon Almost Ramners, just a bit longer, and PSVR will grace us with it’s presence. First person masterpieces will unfold before our eyes, and dreams will become reality. Just in case you weren’t aware, I’m very much excited for the Sony’s take on VR. We needed a gaming industry to embrace VR and really make it shine, and soon exactly that will happen. Games like Sword Art Online, Resident Evil, and Dragon Ball in virtual reality is what dreams are made of, and soon we may just be able to experience it for ourselves.

What’s your take on PSVR, or virtual reality in general. Let us know in the comments below!

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